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What is GameDay Gear?

GameDay Gear is custom apparel we have designed for specific customers for them to offer to specific individuals. We at GameDay create a design and mock-up of each item our customer wishes to offer and create a page for their school, company, church, family and friends to use to order their gear. This saves them lots of valuable time from organizing and collecting money from individuals. All the information needed to process their order is collected here on our site to use to process the order. We are the only screen printing company we are aware of that offers this locally!


Want a hassel free fundraiser? Just let us know and we can add your custom apparel to our site to offer to your team, school, family, colleagues and friends! We can create a page here on our site to do all the work for you! We collect all the orders, print your gear, and have it individually packaged for each person! All you have to do is share your custom page with your friends!  Saves you times from having to create an order form, collect money, tally orders, sort gear and package for each individual! Just let us know this is what you would like to do and we will set it all up! Once the orders have been collected, we will print you a copy of all orders received and write you a check for the amount you have raised!

Brochures for GameDay Gear

Need a brochure for your fundraiser to show customers and collect orders? We can create one for you! Just let us know what items and sizes you would like to offer, the prices you would like to charge and a due date and we can create it tailored to your needs! An example is shown below.

Questions about GameDay Gear?

Just give us a call at 405-637-8577 or email us at! We look forward to working with you soon!

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